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Virus Washer

Download SANYO Virus Washer Commercial Use Air Purifying System PDF


  • Inactivates more than 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria, and reduces pollen and dust mite allergens from treated air
  • Improves air hygiene
  • Designed for enclosed spaces up to 100m2 (300m3) such as within hospitals, offices and other public places
  • Humidifies dry air
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful air cleaning – for schools, hospitals, offices, and other large spaces
  • Simple installation and operation
SANYO VW-VF10BG Commercial Use Air Purifying System

The quality of the air we breathe is important for our well-being and in places where people gather, such as schools, hospitals and other public facilities, airborne germs are often present. Infectious airborne viruses can be rendered harmless from the treated air by SANYO’s Electrolyzed Water Technology. The Virus Washer also reduces airborne bacteria and mould, as well as pollen and dust mite allergens to provide cleaner air for you, your colleagues and clients*.

*Verification of testing methods and results are available on request.

Inactivates airborne viruses with the power of electrolyzed water.

The Virus Washer uses an Electrolyzed Water Disinfecting Element to inactivate viruses and other airborne microbes and particles. Electrolyzed water runs over the air purification element in the Virus Washer. Indoor air is then forced to circulate through the element, inactivating airborne viruses which pass through it. Independent verification tests have shown that electrolyzed water is effective in suppressing more than 99% of viruses in the air passing through the disinfectant element in a single pass.

Test results showing the effictiveness of the SANYO Virus Washer product

Powerful cleaning – can be used in schools, hospitals, offices, and other large spaces.

To clean the air in large spaces where many people come and go, the fan speed can be set to 480 m3/h (8 m3/min). This makes the Virus Washer suitable for use in schools, hospitals, and other large spaces where people gather. The powerful cleaning capacity is capable of circulating the air approximately 2.7 times per hour in a school classroom (approximately 180 m3).

Diagram showing how the Virus washer uses electrolyzed water to inactivate viruses