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Gas Driven VRF

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Here at SANYO we are justifiably proud of our new GHP range of VRF systems and, with the introduction of our new range of outdoor units, we have improved efficiency and flexibility throughout the range.

The new systems now use R410A, enhanced heat exchangers and engine management system, all of which has improved overall efficiency by 19%. The new 75kW systems can be connected to 32 indoor units and all 2 ways outdoor units over
35kW are supplied with an integral hot water heat reclaim exchanger used during
cooling mode.

Cut-away diagram of a gas-driven VRF unit


  • Single phase power supply across the range
  • The option of natural gas or LPG as its power source
  • A water heat exchanger to connect to domestic hot water systems
  • Plus a choice of DX or chilled water for indoor heat exchange

All these benefits make the SANYO GHP the natural choice for commercial projects, especially where power problems occur.

Environmentally friendly

The SANYO GHP helps protect the global environment by reducing its CO2 and NOx emissions, the major cause of global warming.

High-efficiency operation

All models are equipped with a high-performance air exchanger and a newly developed refrigerant heat exchanger for high-efficiency operation.

Lowest nitrogen oxide emissions

Graphical comparison of the starts times and capacity of gas heat pump vs electric heat pump units


Lowest nitrogen oxide emissions, 66% below the EU standard. In a pioneering development, the SANYO GHP features a brand new lean-burn combustion system that utilises airfuel ratio feedback control to reduce NOx emissions to an all-time low.

Excellent economy

The SANYO GHP provides quick and powerful cooling/heating and the effi cient recovery of waste heat. Not only is the gas used as the heat source, but the waste heat from combustion is also recovered and re-used with high effi ciency by SANYO’s excellent air conditioning technology. Energy loss is therefore prevented and powerful heating with quick-start has been achieved.

In addition, a gas heat pump air conditioner requires no defrost cycle therefore providing continuous 100% heating performance in severe winter conditions with an outside air temperature as low as -20°C!

Cutaway diagram of a heat exchanger


High performance

With it’s advanced heat exchanger design this new GHP system offers improved systems effi ciency and reduces running costs, which, coupled with improved engine management systems, have greatly improved the system COP.

Photo of gas driven units on top of a building


Water chiller option

Our GHP system is also available with a which can be combined with individual outdoor part of a DX chilled water mix of indoor be operated via a BMS system or a SANYO panel, with chilled water set points from heating set points +25ºC to +45ºC.