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Hydronic Products

A year-round comfort air-conditioning in any residential and commercial building

In the small and medium capacity range SANYO offers a very large range of hydronic products to satisfy any customer's demand and expectations. With CO2 Eco SANYO reviewed the physicality of CO2 natural refrigerant and verified its good performance in cold climates and its advantage in application to water heaters for the refrigeration cycle. Air-to-water chillers and heat pumps with built-in hydronic system make installation quick and easy and reduce installation space.

The elegant and compact design of the water terminal and fan-coil units ensure high performances and low noise level certified by Eurovent.

CO2 Water Heaters download CO2 WaterHeater pdf

A natural refrigerant (CO2) heat pump hot water supplier that considers the global environment. For its refrigerant, SANYO "CO2 ECO" uses heat energy derived from compressed CO2, friendly to the ecosystem and our living environment. CO2 is an atoxic natural refrigerant with Ozone-Destruction Potential "0" and Global Warming Potential.

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Hydronic Water Chillers download Water Chillers pdf

Water chillers and air-to water heat pumps are a new line of products specially designed to make installation simple and easy and reduce installation space. The structure is compact, using limited floor space; this fact combined with low height and front access for installation works and maintenance, therefore reducing clearance needed on the other three sides, means that they can be easily used in any installation condition.
The built-in hydronic system, with water circulation pump and expansion tank, makes installation easy: connection of supply and return water pipes and power supply cable is all it needs.

Designed and constructed for outdoor installation, all structures and components are adequately treated and protected against corrosion and weather.

Hyrdonic Water Terminal & Fan Coil Units download Water Terminal pdf

A wide model range offering a real choice to suit the aesthetics of any room:

  • ceiling cassette;
  • floor-ceiling;
  • wall mounted.

Individual control and silent operation ensure maximum comfort.