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Electric VRF

Download PDF of new ECOi Electric 2 and 3 pipe VRF systems Range Brochure 2008


SANYO is justifiably proud of being renowned for developing unique technologies, offering superior products and delivering quality services. Since its formation back in 1958, SANYO Air Conditioners has enjoyed a number of 'world firsts’, from introducing the world's first heat pump air conditioners in 1960, to introducing simultaneous heating & cooling GHP VRF to Europe in 2005. Positive proof that SANYO is, and is committed to remain, at the cutting edge of product innovation
and forward-thinking dynamism.

Image of electric VRF units on top of a building

Available in 2 pipe heat pump and 3 pipe heat recovery versions, the ECOi range combines advanced design, cutting edge technologies and R410A refrigerant to produce the most energy efficient and cost effective systems to date.

With a wider range of outdoor units, indoor units and control options than ever before, it is easy to see why choosing SANYO ECOi is a good decision all round.

SANYO introduced the company's first 3-pipe VRF system back in 1989 and this, together with our continuous programme of research and development has ensured that our products remain at the very forefront of innovation. 2006/7 sees the launch of many exciting new products including the latest generation of Electric VRF - the ECOi Multi Series.

Easy to justify... a good decision all round

  • Smaller pipework, lower material costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced life cycle costs

Easy to install... smaller pipework with longer runs

VRF pipework diagram

R410A has a higher operating pressure with a lower pressure loss than previous refrigerants. This enables smaller pipe sizes to be used, which take up less space in risers and also lead to reduced material costs.

<thead> </thead>
Category Item Description
Max length (m)
Allowable pipework length L1 Maximum pipe run Actual length 150

Equivalent length 175
L2-L3 Difference between maximum length and minimum length from the first distribution joint 40
L3 L4 Ln Maximum length of each distribution joint 30
L1+L3+L4 Maximum total pipe run length 300
Allowable height difference H1 When outdoor unit installed higher 50
When outdoor unit installer lower 40
H2 Maximum difference between indoor units 15

Easy to design... simple design software

Screen capture of the simple design software

System design software

SANYO recognise that designing, selecting and preparing a professional VRF quotation can be a time consuming and costly process, especially as it is often also a speculative exercise. We have therefore designed proprietary software which is quick and easy to use and produces a full schematic layout of pipework and controls, as well as a full materials list and performance data. We cannot guarantee you securing the project, but we can certainly help you give it your best shot!

Accurate capacity control

To ensure that the compressor capacity is matched to building load as accurately and efficiently as possible, Sanyo has designed its range of 2 and 3 Way ECOi systems to operate with DC inverter and high efficiency fixed speed compressors. The system selects the most efficient compressor to operate by dynamically monitoring the building load and choosing the best compressor combination to run.

Easy to position... compact footprint

The compact design of the ECOi outdoor units, means that they fit into a standard lift and are easy to handle and position when on site. The small footprint and modular appearance of the units ensure an attractive installation.

Easy to select...8HP to 48HP systems

Chart of ECOi system capacity (x-axis) vs Number of indoor units (y-axis)

With 15 indoor model styles available, ECOi systems are the ideal choice for multiple small capacity indoor unit installations as up to 40 indoor units can be connected to systems of 24HP and above.

Easy to commission... auto addressing

Simple set-up procedure including automatic addressing of connected indoor units. Configuration settings can be made from an outdoor unit via a remote controller.

Easy to control... variety of control options

There is a wide variety of control options available to ensure that the ECOi system provides the user with the degree of control that they desire.