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About EVA Sistemas

„EVA Sistemas” Ltd. - we are young growing company, started in 2002.
Our background coming from heating / gas boiler system engineering, service and installation,
We see future are renewable sources. Heating and air conditioning industry are now very close .
At the moment we are representing several top producers of the air conditioning industry, 
including Zehnder ventilation and radiant heating solutions, Stiebel Eltron heatpump solutions, SANYO air conditioning systems and innovative InVENter decentrelized ventilation soluitions.

  • Our goal is to be profesional supplier of innovative technologies and outstanding quality products for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry.

We are learning, teaching and distributing solutions for heating, cooling and heat recovery
starting from household till modern office buildings.
Solutions are effective, based on renewable energy, make cost saving, and have the best ROI.
In order to have fruitful cooperation we are doing following things:

  • explaining products and educating our customers
  • ensuring enexcellent sales and logistics
  • keeping aftersales and warranty service 

To have balanced development, we are working on project basis with designers and developers, 
also we have developed network of customers including installers and construction companies.
In the moment we have good network in Latvia, as well as database and daily contacts with customers in Lithuania and Estonia.
We have warehouse in Riga, keeping some range of goods in stock.
In our office we have training room to make seminars, meetings for installers and engineers.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office to find out about solutions, prices and availability! Thank you!


EVA Sistēmas SIA

Address: Starta street 6b, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia

Ph: (+371) 67387141 
Mobile: (+371) 28377222