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Zehnder starojuma apsildes un dzesēšanas griestu paneļi

Zehnder radiant ceiling panels work on a fundamentally natural principle that is identical to the way in which the sun produces warmth. Direct sunlight on a cold winter’s day makes us feel warm and is perceived as comfortable, despite the cold ambient air.

The heating effect of the sun is produced by electromagnetic waves. This energy is then converted into heat when it comes into contact with the human body. The Zehnder radiant panels used for ceiling heating work in the same way.

The cooling effect of radiant ceiling panels is based on the same principle: in this case, people and objects in a room give off their heat radiation to the cold radiant ceiling panel.

Izmaksu samazināšana sākot ar 40%

The most important consideration when choosing a heating and cooling system is energy efficiency. Heating and cooling ceiling systems from Zehnder can save more than 40% in energy compared to other systems, whilst ensuring a pleasant indoor climate.

  • Save energy while perceiving the same temperature
  • Even temperature distribution across the full height of the room or space
  • Very high heat output to EN 14037
  • Short heating and cooling response time
  • Free choice of the energy carrier; alternative energy sources, heat pumps, condensing appliance technology and waste process heat can also be used
  • No additional energy costs for driving energy



We spend almost three quarters of our lives indoors: at home, at work, during our leisure time. The indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is itself a big influence on our general well-being.

Comfort is mainly achieved by the way in which heat is transferred – radiant panels arranged evenly across the ceiling create a perfect, naturally comfortable climate.

  • Natural principle of radiant heat
  • Even heat distribution throughout the room or space
  • Heating and cooling effect immediately noticeable
  • Silent operation
  • No dust dispersal – benefit for allergy sufferers
  • Lower cleaning costs for your building

Risinājumu veidi

Zehnder Carboline Zehnder ZIP

The Zehnder Carboline sets new standards in terms of performance, temperature distribution and controllability. Constructed from steel sheeting and a patented graphite and copper insert, the Zehnder Carboline is a smooth, flat and lightweight panel designed for both heating and cooling. This high-performance system can easily be integrated in new and existing suspended ceilings. It can also be mounted free hanging as a ceiling sail. to the product

Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels have multiple design possibilities. Their modular design makes them ideal for every industrial installation situation. Above all, the much lower weight not only makes installation easier, but also makes the panel the number one choice for roof constructions that are only able to support lighter loads. All components are corrosion resistant, which also makes them the ideal choice for use in moist rooms. > vairāk informācijas

Zehnder ZBN
Zehnder PAM

Manufactured totally from steel and certified to EN14037, Zehnder ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an efficient, economical and energy-saving heating solution, creating a comfortable, uniform distribution of heat. With good regulation and fast heat-up, the Zehnder ZBN offers long-term durability and financial savings. to the product

Plasterboard ceilings from Zehnder now give architects and planners maximum design freedom: The shape and dimensions of the ceiling elements can be adapted to suit any room geometry. to the product